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It's time to take it up a notch!

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Empowering high-achievers to live and lead like they mean it through Mindset + Leadership Coaching

Ready to take team performance and enjoyment

to new heights? 

Take a look at my tailored Leadership, Mindset, Communications, and Teamwork training sessions. Then, drop me a line with more info about your team and what you've love to experience together. 

All of our corporate training and coaching programs are bespoke, ensuring a personalised approach that aligns with your mission, values and team dynamics 

Want to realise your own potential and enjoy a work + home life that actually makes you happy. 

Hoping to  finally address that feeling of 'surely there's got to be more to life than this?!' and not only get clear on what you want but how you’re going to get it. 


Learn more about my Pep Talk and Play Big coaching packages below: one-on-one coaching so that you can be your biggest and baddest self!


If you're not sure which one is for you, drop me an email and we can figure out what you want from coaching and then organise a complimentary catch up. 




Are you about to embark on something new and need a little pep talk before you dive in? Perhaps you have a big decision to make and you’re not sure which way to go? Or, maybe you’ve got a challenge at work that you’re desperate to sound board with someone so that you can go back to kicking ass and no longer wasting time worrying? 


My Pep Talk is perfect for you! This confidential, one-hour coaching session is guilt-free you time where you can enjoy a non-judgemental ear to help work through whatever is on your mind in work or life.


A Pep Talk will help you sift through the thoughts and emotions currently holding you still and give you a clarity and confidence boost so that you can move ahead.


  • For clarity on which job offer to take

  • For added confidence before returning to work after maternity leave

  • For support in asking for something big from a boss, peer or partner

  • For guidance in resolving conflict at work

  • For clarity on which next pathway to take with work

  • For support in overcoming fear that they’re not smart enough, experienced enough or talented enough to achieve something new and something big   




  • 1x 75mins coaching sessions over Zoom

  • Pre-coaching questionnaire so that you get the most from the session

  • A recording of the session so that you can listen back at any time




You’re ready for more in your work and home life.  You want greater purpose and passion in your career, more meaningful connection in your relationships and clarity on what actually makes you happy (plus the time to invest in it).


You want to decide on whether you’re in the right career or whether there’s something more you should be doing with your life.


You might be wondering how you can make your current role work harder for you and be seeking the confidence needed to take action and achieve that pay rise, promotion or transfer you’ve set your eye on.

Or, you may be wondering what your next career move is? You want to work a job that you love, one that makes you yell a big ‘hell yeah’, but you're just not sure where to start. 


You want to silence your inner critic and boost your self-love and belief so that you can live life on your terms. Perhaps you want to throw out an out-dated picture of success you’ve held for too long or you simply want to get clearer on what it is you truly want. 


Deep down, you know that you’ve got a lot to give and you’re ready to let the world see this.






  • For more work / life balance so that they have the time to do what they love


  • For alignment of family goals with work goals – clarity on when to start a family and how to do this with work


  • For increased confidence in their work + home life so that they can smash their goals


  • For clarity on what to do in their career and a roadmap for success


  • For stronger relationships that align with who they are + what they value



  • Complimentary 'Clarity Session' to see if I'm the right coach for you​

  • 6 x 1 hour coaching sessions over three months via Zoom


  • Unlimited email support in between sessions for when you need a pep talk, extra support or an non judgemental ear to listen


  • ​Challenging + intuitive worksheets designed to give you greater clarity and confidence in your life


“Lucy has had an amazing impact on my life which will last far longer than the three months we worked together. She coached me in career, motherhood and changes with living abroad and knew how to challenge me whilst making me feel completely at ease. Her coaching was exactly what I needed, when I needed it, and I can’t thank her enough.” 

Dr Amanda McCullough

Life Coach, Speaker and Writer

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