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Get ready for your best ever lunch break! 

Welcome to the Packed Lunch Club; a monthly date with yourself where you'll not only learn essential skills for the future of work but you'll have a damn good time doing it. Our club is unlike any other; it's like being a part of the live audience of your favourite podcast, except you're not just a listener, you're an active participant!


The Packed Lunch Club is designed to fill your plate with game-changing knowledge and insights in critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and emotional intelligence - with a few laughs thrown in for good measure.

For just 45 minutes, you can check-out from work and into a powerful online space where you'll connect with new and interesting people, learn new skills, and walk away with actionable tools that you can use immediately.


Our sessions are fast-paced, high-energy, and filled with the most delicious bite-sized distinctions that will transform your ability to influence, lead, and succeed.

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We'll be serving up tasty treats like...

Think Big: Embracing Change and Growth through Mindset (Friday May 26th at 1pm)

Critique Like a Boss: Rocking the Art of Giving Feedback

(Friday June 23rd at 1pm)

Mic Drop Mastery: Conquering the Fear of Public Speaking

(Friday July 21st at 1pm)

Criticism Schmiticism: Embracing Feedback Like a Pro

(Friday Aug 25th at 1pm)

Tales That Thrill: The Art of Storytelling

(Friday Sept 22nd at 1pm)

The X Factor: The Power of Presence

(Friday Oct 27th at 1pm)

Lead Like a Jedi: The Force of Mindful Leadership

(Friday Nov 24th at 1pm)

Mindstorming: Unleashing Your Creative Genius

(Friday Dec 15th at 1pm)

Programming is subject to change.

To celebrate the launch of Packed Lunch Club, we're currently offering a special price on memberships. For just $29p/mo (if you join by Fri June 3rd) you can enjoy all the benefits of the the PLC;

  • A monthly 45mins lunchtime learning experience

  • Video and audio recordings of every Packed Lunch so that you can catch up at your leisure

  • A downloadable doggy bag with key insights

  • A space in our exclusive PLC Canteen (our private LinkedIn group) 

  • Connection with a group of incredible people across a range of different industries and roles 

Take the lunch break and use it to nourish your mind and soul whilst connecting with like-minded professionals committed to growth & fulfilment. We can assure you, you won't regret it!

Stay Hungry, 

The Packed Lunch Team

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