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Empowering people
to live and lead
like they mean it.

Leadership, communications & mindset
training and coaching like no other.

What would make the biggest difference to your organisation right now? 

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Get ready your best ever lunch break!

Packed Lunch Club

PLC is an online lunchtime learning series teaching high powered people skills critical in the future of work ...

... A monthly lunch date where you'll not only learn essential skills but you'll have a damn good time doing it. 
Connect, engage and ignite your most important asset... your people.

Elevate self-awareness and understanding, shift your collective mindset for greatness, connect your teams to create what is beyond imaginable and... 


...totally smash what you thought was already damn good!


Create the best workplace experience in your industry. 

Investing in your talent or people

is your launchpad to move from surviving to thriving. 

The Graceful Collective boasts talent with a background in marketing communications (both agency and in-house), PR and government and as such our trainings have been run across all sectors - NFP, FMCG, Banking, Wellness, Retail and Government. We consider the nuances of the environment in providing practical tools, strategies and ideas to help people live and lead like they mean it.


Your top talent are thinking "what next?"

...what are you thinking?

Take a breath... we've got you! 

You know that developing the team is a priority (after all, high performers thrive off career growth) but you’re trying to *do all the things* like performance management, policy development, recruitment, onboarding and retention... whilst of course getting your 'actual job' done.

The Graceful Collective provides end-to-end team training & development so that you can focus on the important thing… the team itself and their mission.


You tell us what the pain points are and we do the rest.


We devise the most impactful training and coaching approach - everything from a one-off engagement through to a program of support – and we provide recommendation on roll out and measurement.


And, if we don’t feel we have the right skillset to deliver the entire program, we engage our network of trusted experts to provide exactly what you need. 



I know I can engage Lucy for anything and the team will love it and take great value from the activity. Her energy and relatability, combined with her understanding of the creative media industry, is second to none. 

Tiffany Cant, People & Culture Senior Leader

What We Do

Leading & Managing for Performance
Communicating with Influence
Team Connection & Creative Flow
1:1 Coaching

Practical, thoughtful & grounded in
real-life experience

The Graceful Collective was founded
by me - Lucy Allen.

With over a decade of PR and marketing experience, working with major brands, 
managing big teams, big personalities and big workloads, I have an innate understanding of how to motivate people to drive maximum productivity and fulfilment.

My work is born from the founding principal that happiness + purpose is found in maximising whatever makes you truly joyful and I firmly believe in making the most of your one precious life. 

Let's take your fast-paced, chaotic, client-driven world and allow it to breathe - even for a minute - slow down to speed up and
get in the flow.

Lucy is willing to share so much of herself which makes for an engaging, meaningful and  memorable training. 

Carolyn Bendall, Former Head of Marketing, ANZ Bank

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Wanting to keep developing that high performing team or give your people opportunities for professional and personal growth. 

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