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Lead with ease, intention and impact.

Lead like you mean it

"Leadership is an action, not a position."
- Donald McGannon -

Leadership and management is one of the most important factors of a successful business and yet all too often people managers are not given the support or tools needed to succeed.


With employees often being promoted on hard skills and competencies, it is of utmost importance that managers are trained and supported to develop leadership capabilities so they can perform at their best whilst enabling the success of others.

Outlined below are program examples to empower your leaders and managers for optimised connection, engagement and performance. 


Outlined below is a selection of programming designed to empower your leaders and managers for connection, engagement and performance. 

2-day intensive or

6-week program

1/2 day or full day with 1:1 coaching support

Power hour or

half day session

90mins session

Management Maker


The success of any business depends largely on the effectiveness of its people and manager's play a critical role in influencing this.


Great managers make solid decisions, maximise the strengths of their teams, lean into challenging conversations and have a genuine commitment to relentless improvement.


The Management Maker provides essential training for people manager's and provides practical tools and strategies that will not only build competence, but also confidence, in managing others.



  • A clear management vision underpinned by an understanding of strengths & values

  • A DISC Behavioural Assessment For improved self-awareness and awareness of team strengths, motivations and blind spots

  • Effective communications strategies and a framework for effective feedback

  • Tools for managing workflow and managing performance


2-day intensive or 3-month program

Management Maker

Management Maker is a must for anyone leading people. It provides the fundamental tools and strategies to effectively communicate, optimise working styles and create trusted and open relationships. What's more, it's delivered in a way that's real and relatable. Lucy does not take a one-size-fits-all approach but instead tailors content to the unique nuances of the team, organisation and individual manager, which makes for impactful training and development. 

Tiffany Cant, Director, People, CHE Proximity

Optimising Effectiveness

Want to improve your effectiveness within the workplace? 


Strengthen your relationships with managers, peers and stakeholders?


Boost your understanding and influence of others?

Leveraging DISC ADVANCED® - the world's most advanced behavioural assessment system - this coaching program optimises  self-awareness for improved team connection & understanding, adaptability communications and performance.


  • An understanding of the different individual behavioural styles

  • An understanding of others styles and how they interrelate to their own

  • Strategies for identifying preferred working styles of key stakeholders

  • Improved communication and understanding with peers

  • Practical action plans to modify their behaviour to achieve key outcomes 


Lucy is an accredited DISC ADVANCED® trainer.


1/2 or full day program

Optimising Effectiveness



Lucy created a safe and open space for everyone to bring their true selves, with several team members saying it was the best training day they had ever participated in.

Marie Quirke, General Manager, Marketing & Fundraising, Royal Flying Doctor Service

Get Sht Don
Power Hour or 1/2 Day Session

Get Sh*t Done

Do you want to make the most of your time & energy?

This productivity masterclass teaches participants to work smarter so they can reach max potential without burning out. 

It provides practical tools and advice on how to get on top of workflow through effective planning, prioritisation, and discipline.  What's more the session addresses the impact of mindset on output, and provides a framework for maintaining consciousness of productivity. 


  • Techniques for effective prioritisation

  • Effective delegation and accountability strategies

  • Pro tips for breaking procrastination

  • Email management techniques and a personal success planner

Lucy’s delegation session was described by some as their favourite for the year at NGEN. Participants loved her personality, passion and energy and shared that she created a safe and open space for sharing with the breakout rooms. 


The tools and discussion she created reassured attendees that their feelings and struggles were normal whilst also providing strategies for upgrading these. She was able to effectively cater to all levels of seniority and experience and provided a great balance between content, discussion and reflection. 

Melanie Aslanidis - Head of NGEN, Media Federation of Australia

We've all heard the saying 'you have the same hours in the day as Beyonce' but let me tell you, the woman 'aint doin it alone! She's relying on an extensive and finely tuned support network to be the superstar she is... and the same logic can be applied to the workplace. 

Effective leaders like Queen Bey are able to confidently delegate so that their time and energy is invested where it's most valuable. They understand they need to 'delegate to elevate' and so do so with confidence, clarity and strategy that benefits them, their team and the organisation.

Effective Delegation



Colleagues Looking at the Same Screen
Efetive delegation
Power Hour or 1/2 Day Session
  • An understanding of what's really holding them back from delegating (& a mindset upgrade around this)

  • A strategy for prioritising time and energy using the Eisenhower Matrix 

  • Tips for adapt delegation style based on team members 

  • Strategies for delegating in a way that drives accountability & ownership

Not found what you're looking for?

The Graceful Collective designs bespoke programs based on client needs. Drop us a line to share what would make the biggest impact to your team and biz and we'll come back with ideas on how we can best work together. 

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