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Isn't it time you had the life you loved and deserved?

Inspirational woman laughing on beach

Have you been thinking that there's got to be more to life than work and the commute that goes with it?

You’re burnt out from the treadmill of early starts, late nights and those repetitive work dreams that make you feel like you’ve never left the office?


Perhaps you’re thinking about starting a family but deep down you’re worried that the thing you’re most excited about is the maternity leave?


Or you know that something, not quite so drastic, needs to change but you have no idea where to even start in creating a work / home life you love?


I know what it's like to answer every 'what have you been up to?' with 'oh, just work.'

To live each day focused around career and a life where you feel you could do more, be more and have more.


Having worked a decade in PR and communications, I’ve endured long days, short deadlines, stomach twisting panic, hard decisions and at times, a complete lack of control.  


I’ve lead large teams and invested all my time and energy into their every need and have left nothing in the tank for myself. I’ve prioritised my work ahead of things that were important to me and have started the day only to dream about bedtime. 

I'm here to let you know that this doesn't have to be your life...

not on my watch anyway. 


I’ve taken control of my work and home life by getting confident in what I truly want, learning to say 'no' and redefining my picture of success to be centered around what makes actually me happy.


As your Coach, I will not only open your eyes to the possibility of the happiest, healthiest and most successful work & home life you could ever imagine but I’ll help you get it.


Together we’ll get clear on exactly what you want your life to look and feel like, and we’ll map out a plan to get you there. We’ll be relentless in moving you closer to your big dream (the one you may have given up on) and our work together will be guilt-free you time.


As well as nailing your dream work and home life, you’ll ooze increased confidence, clarity and calmness. You will live fully in the moment with a renewed sense of purpose that trust me, will make you unstoppable.

Woman laughing and taking control of her life

My coaching is for you if...

You can’t shake that niggling feeling you could be doing more with your life 

You're done playing small and want to fulfil your potential at work and home

You’re tired of working a job that drains you

You don’t have the space or energy in life for the things that you love

You’re not sure what you want in your career

You’re sick of feeling like you don’t have the experience, or the time’s not right, to do something different with your life

You want to wake up each day and love what you do

Happy woman working at home

So, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to put yourself first and listen to that little voice inside you saying there’s more to life than this.


Unless you commit to doing something different and making change, your work and home life will remain the same. You’ll continue putting up with sh*tty thoughts, people and practices, all the while wasting your talents and being dragged further away from what makes you happy.


I dare you to throw out the rulebook, park that out-dated picture of success and take ownership of your happiness today.


Now is your time to create the purpose and passion filled work and home life you deserve. . . the world is waiting.

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