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Your goals suck! Tips On How To Improve Them

Recently my little family and I were having dinner with our friends - James and Lisa’s - James and I were chatting about work (as you do on the weekend).

He asked how I was finding the juggle with two kids and if I was hoping to get back up to working three days a week this year (roughly what I was doing before having our 8mo daughter Liv).

Having not really given it much thought I said “Mmm maybe,” I said.

“I have a financial goal of how much I want to earn instead. And, if I can do that working one day a month, I’ll take it,” I laughed.

My goal is not to work a set number of days each week. Snore. If that was my goal, I could have it knocked over by end of day tomorrow and be handing you your double cheeseburger by Saturday 😛

My goal is big, audacious, scary and some might say, unrealistic …

My goal is to double my business earnings without working harder to get my family and I closer to our dream home with a big entertainer’s kitchen, beautiful natural light complete with a deep turquoise pool.

This goal is waaaay juicer for my soul.

All too often, we mistake potential strategies (like working three days per week) for the goal which then leads to logical (and thus mediocre) thinking about the true goal (hmmm she quickly does the mental maths on what’s realistic to make working 3 days per week and that becomes the financial goal).

This type of thinking leads to average and predictable outcomes.

But, what if the thing that you so desperately want feels so out of reach right now and you’re not sure how the heck to get it?

I want you to imagine you are the most magnetic force in the universe ... whatever you call to mind finds its way to you with pace and power.

What are the magnets you’re calling in?

Are they something like this…

X number of working days

A new website by X date

X kg weight loss

To wake up every day at X o-clock

If you want to maintain motivation and connection to your goal, you gotta do better than this cause when the sacrifice, hard work or risk comes in, you’ve gotta reallllly want the thing to go through with it.

I want you to take your current goal and ask yourself, *for what purpose?*

Continue to ask that question until you hit on the actual reason for your efforts that gives you butterflies and makes you want to run and tell your partner, best friend, mum, sister or whoever is most important to you.

Then, I want you to consider what the very first step would be that you can make today in direction of that goal.

Stop scaling back your dreams to match your perceived reality of possibilities and go big!

Tell me, what’s your goal?

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