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He was definitely a grower…!

Earlier this year I was facilitating a Mindset & Behaviours session with the Supply Chain team at API started by sharing Professor Carol Dweck’s famous Growth Mindset theory.

I explained to them that people either lean into;

A Fixed Mindset: believing that talents and capabilities are set in stone so they’re on a constant pursuit to document these rather than grow them.

A Growth Mindset: believing we have baseline talents and capabilities but the capacity to develop these through hard work and specifically through failure.

I was making the point to the 60-person room that it’s not as simple as being in one of the two groups and that this concept is based on a spectrum.

“So, I wouldn’t say that you’re fixed (pointing someone in the front) whereas you (pointing to another man within arms reach) are DEFINITELY A GROWER!"

His face blushed slightly.

Then my brain caught up with what I’d said and absolutely took it down the path of vulgarity because, well, that’s how it’s hard wired.

“Gosh that took an unexpected turn didn’t it?” I proclaimed.


The room erupted in laughter. The man flushed even more. I giggled uncontrollably like a schoolgirl whilst pacing the ‘stage.’

What quickly followed were two different trains of thought;

  1. Sh*t was that OK to say? Will I have caused offense? Are they going to take me seriously now? What’s the ‘boss’ thinking?

  2. This is going to be a great session

And it was a great session!

A session filled with self-reflection and sharing, embracing nerves to present to peers in new ways, bold questions and interesting answers. Above all, fun, laughter and connection.

Everything unfolded exactly as it was meant to.

And this is a belief central to having a growth mindset.

If you can trust that things are unfolding exactly as they should, then when you make a mistake, or say something a little #awks, or you have an experience that isn’t exactly as you imagined, you might actually find joy in it.

And, it might in fact be one of the most powerful things that could’ve happened. So much so, ‘the grower gag’ was referenced throughout the session and got a laugh every time.

I mean.. check out just one piece of session feedback. Surely the erection gag played a part 😏

“I had the absolute pleasure of listening to Lucy Allen talk to our supply chain team about the growth mindset… simply WOW!!!! Hilarious, engaging, knowledgeable, passionate, and inspiring, and hands down the best session I’ve attended at a conference.”

When we can find joy and power in the imperfect, we are unstoppable.

So, if you trusted things were unfolding exactly as they were meant to, what could you let go of today? Hit me up with a comment and let me know!

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