Ever been tripped up by your own strength?

It was the eve of my son George’s first birthday party. I had the beach buckets, pineapple sunglasses and giant gummy sharks lined up at the front door (it was beach party themed, obvs) along with a picnic table, rugs and cushions. “Babe, there’s no way we can do the party at the beach,” said my husband Ross. “What?! Why?” I asked in total surprise. “Um.. because, as we’ve known for the past week, it’s 11 degrees tomorrow and raining sideways,” he scoffed. [Did I mention this was two weeks ago? April in Melbourne, Australia] “Oh. It’ll clear up. I can feel it,” I chirped. It did not clear up. My feelings were not correct. And, we did in fact have to move inside at the 11th hour... picnic table and all (pic at the bottom of this email). Here’s the thing, I’m an eternal optimist. My top VIA character strength is ‘hope’ and I always expect the best for what lies ahead no matter what the current situation is, how dire it may look or what some know-it-all weatherman tells me. I’m proud of this strength.

It’s the reason I...

  • Have my own thriving business

  • Achieve big and bold goals like winning on the game show “Deal or No Deal”, living abroad and buying a beach shack

  • Confidently try things I’ve never done before

  • Survived three years of IVF

  • Was able to nurse my mum through chronic illness

I always expect the best (even though I don’t always get it) and that makes the impossible, possible and the unbearable, bearable. But, here’s what my strength of hope looks like when I overdue it;

  • I never have a wet weather plan. Quite literally.

  • I overestimate how much I can get done in a certain amount of time.

  • I get frustrated by people I perceive to be negative, closed-minded and too precautious when perhaps they are simply being realistic and I need a lil more of that.

That’s the thing about our strengths, when used correctly they can be super powers but when overused, underused or used in collision with someone else’s alternate strengths, they can actually be our downfall. This is why, understanding your strengths, and the strengths of this in your team, is SO DAMN IMPORTANT. Which is exactly what we did with the Royal Flying Doctors Service last week. The Marketing and Sales Team let us run a team day centred entirely around strengths and a strengths mindset. After all, focusing on strengths has been shown to improve performance by 37% so it was a no-brainer really. We laughed, shared and strategised and the team said “the day officially passed the pub test” and made them feel more connected to their peers, more aware of self and more excited and energised for the year ahead #proudcoachmoment. Want the same aha moments that the team enjoyed? Do the free VIA Strengths Assessment yourself, share with me your top strength and let me know how it looks when being used as a super power and when overused. And, if you think your team could benefit from a similar session, hit me up. Our clients are finding that a face-to-face team day (whether it’s with immediate team only or partners / agencies / clients) is the perfect way of reengaging, reconnecting and resetting their people after the year that’s been. Right, better get back to it.

Currently planning Ross’ 40th for next year. We’re doing 6-weeks in Europe next June.

Oh, trust me, it's happening.

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