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Does Your Job Frustrate You So Much You Could Explode?

The time I called my boss a bitch ... a cringeworthy story you may relate to!

Have you ever felt so frustrated and stuck in your job that you’ve felt

like you needed to explode?

I feel you.

And man do I have a story that’s going to help you with a little added cringe on the side.

The text that was *meant* to go to my sister read:

“You won’t believe this! My boss has just accused me of not taking my career seriously enough, all because I booked this holiday. As soon as I get home, WE NEED TO FIND ME A NEW JOB. Ugh, she’s such a b*tch.”

Unfortunately that text never made its way to my sister but instead I accidentally SENT IT TO MY BOSS!

**Sending to Kristena Work**

I hurled my Nokia 3310 against a brick wall in Scotland and sure-as-shit it bounced away unscathed and landed face up, near smiling at me.

**Message Sent.**


Allow me to rewind before I tell you how this horror show ends...

I was working for a PR agency in London where I was putting in 14-hour days, sacrificing many personal and social commitments (a big deal for a 20-something living abroad), had very little support and guidance and I was earning minimum wage.

I felt totally underappreciated and to be honest, somewhat taken advantage of.

Frustrated, tired and emotional but without the skills to express this and create any type of change (least not meaningful change) I bottled it up. Sucked it up and soldiered on.

Until I exploded whilst sitting in a tiny Scottish town and the *seemingly-only-viable* option was to quit.

Have you ever felt the same? Don’t worry, I’ve got your back.

OK, so where were we?

Oh yes, the text.

My boss text back *immediately* with a 9am meeting request upon my return from holiday.

Cue: holiday ruined and a deer-in-the-headlights quivering as she walks into work.

I opened with “I’m so sorry, I don’t really think you’re a b*tch” (smooth Lucy) and was told that my text message was extremely disappointing (fair), it was unprofessional (fair) and that it was now my responsibility to work harder, faster and longer to prove my worth as the boss decided whether to keep me (um… what?!)

There was no discussion and no attempt to understand. Yes, I’d done the wrong thing but it had come after stretching myself thin to provide as much value as humanly possible and she knew it (why else would you keep someone who called you a b*tch?!)

I furiously looked for a new PR job but one that was a better values match for me and resigned within a week.

Now, many years on, I coach clients who have reached the same place. They may not be in Scotland crying into a pint but they feel as though the only option they have is to quit.

Sometimes that is the best option for them. Other times, they realise that if they had had a brave conversation they could create the career of their dreams. Either way, I help them get clear on the best option and then support them to make it happen (with ease and joy).

Are you sitting in a role unsure whether to move on or make it better and stay? I’d love to help you with that!

My group career & confidence coaching program Flight to Freedom is currently open for boarding and there’s a seat with your name on it.

Join me + a group of other like-minded Freedom Finders and open yourself to the possibility of changing the path of your career forever in this game changing three-month online program.

You’ll get…

  • Mindset hacks for upgrading your thinking to achieve what may feel impossible

  • Clarity on your strengths & passions plus ideas on how you can use these to make $$

  • A DISC behavioural assessment zeroing in on your strengths, optimal ways of working and communications style

  • A supportive new crew from all backgrounds and industries to champion your career success

You’ll be armed with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to move away from the role that lacks inspiring leadership, financial reward, solid training and development, clear progression opportunities, or a culture with an actual heartbeat, and into the work that sets your soul alight.

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