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How and why I started my own #sidebiz

The graceful collective starting your own business

I'd always known I wanted to start my own business. But, it wasn't until I one of the country's top Sales Directors shared with me that not once had she ever wished that for herself, that I realised this feeling was unique and something I had to follow through on.

I spent months years trying to figure out what I could do on my own that would hold my attention, challenge me and afford me the lifestyle I wanted and had been working hard to create. Did I open a cafe? Import a new product? Freelance in marcomms? Or even consider going back to uni for something totally different? I had no idea and grew ever frustrated with the 100s of options that somehow felt like no option at all.

When my mum passed away in May 2015 my world flipped upside down and yet somehow this voice within me only grew louder. You know that sound in Jumanji, almost like a heartbeat, that symbolises when sh*t is about to get real?! Yep, it was just like that, and try as I might, I couldn’t silence it. I constantly had this uneasy feeling that I could be doing more with my life to support others, create greater satisfaction for myself and ultimately enjoy the career I was born to have.

So what did I do? I stopped, frozen in fear and frustration and did nothing. In and amongst my heart-wrenching grief, I unconsciously allowed myself the time and space for my new ‘thing’ to find me… and it did.

Now, it wasn’t as simple as it sounds. I didn’t wake up one morning with the epiphany that I wanted to be a Life + Career Coach. Heck, I didn’t even know what Coaching was until one fateful BBQ in 2016 when a friend shared with me the ‘life changing’ experience she’d had with the ah-mazing Hayley Carr.

I’ll admit that at first I was a little unsure and the idea of a Life Coach felt indulgent to me. I wondered why someone would need a Coach and what they would actually do - tell you how to live your life? No, as it turns out Coaching is quite the opposite and is based on the fact that you have the answers to your life, we just help you find them.

Anyway, I listened in awe as my friend shared the myriad of ways her life had been transformed, later to check out Hayley’s website later and think f*ck me, how have I never heard about this?! This is awesome! I think I could do this. No, I was born to do this! (360 from my judgy, uninformed self hours earlier but ya know, we live + we learn).

I posted on Like Minded Bitches Drinking Wine (an online hub for women starting or running their own business) to see if there were any Coaches in the group and connected with rockstar Kate Rich, of Adventuress Experience and the insanely talented Rigel Barry of Mind Body Tribe.

They shared their Coaching experiences with me, answered my many questions about the industry, starting your own business, attracting clients, maintaining a life outside of work etc etc and even coached me so that I could get a taste of what it was all about.

The seed was well and truly planted and then just when I needed mum most, she told me (through an insanely talent clairvoyant) that I could “be someone who can really change others. Change their motivation, change their thought pattern, and bring back their sense of doing in a completely different light.” Total game changer for me.

I enrolled in the Beautiful You Life Coaching Academy with hesitations around balancing study with my full-time #dayjob but can honestly say, it was an absolute breeze and I’ve never looked back. I have been enthralled in the teachings, inspired by the tribe of women studying alongside me and so certain that this is the right path for me ever since and am proud to be running my own business!

I now work with women, much like myself, who are craving more from their life. They want a career that the bloody love, relationships with friends and loved ones that lift them up, the confidence to create anything that they want from this life and the unwavering self-belief that they’ve got this.

I’m still learning and I’m still growing but I know I’m where I’m meant to be and there’s no better feeling!

If you feel like something is missing from your life and want support in making this a reality - hit me up for a complimentary clarity session and let’s dive into that feeling of “there’s got to be more to life than this.”

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