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Don’t quit (yet), get the clarity and confidence to do it right, you've got this because this is my jam and I will show you how.


Freedom from feeling...
frustrated... undervalued... overworked
and lacking purpose

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The best part - this unique course is self paced and online and for a limited time it is only $299. 
A small price to pay to realign your career by...
  • Quitting or asking for a pay rise or more flexibility
  • Launching a biz or a side hustle
  • Being re-inspired or doing more of what you love in your current job
I have helped many others get this right and they tell me it's changed their world.

Let me help you take back your power-
the power to move you... 

From not knowing what you want to do to... 
hitting the runway and making the best choice for you

From being fearful of change and resentful to...
embracing a new career and life

From overwhelm and under appreciation to... 
driving your destiny

From mediocrity to... 
'pinch yourself' moments of loving work 

From a work culture that lacks an actual heartbeat into...
 work that sets your soul alight
Take your years of investment in your career and cash it in.

Take your skills and use them in ways that reward and propel you to new levels.

"Lucy was able to help me get clear on what I truly wanted and how I could achieve this”


“Lucy showed me that it’s OK to give myself permission to dream bigger and think outside of the limiting beliefs that once consumed me.”

You have worked hard and you deserve more

...More flexibility.
...More fulfillment.
...More opportunities.
...More leadership.
...More of everything.
...More YOU.



...and act on those career change dreams

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Hi, I’m Lucy. I’m your Captain and self-proclaimed ‘freedom finder.’ I left my corporate role in search of SO.MUCH.MORE 


And I found it! I went from dreading my job everyday and being stressed out of my mind to running a business I love, working with people who inspire me and pinching myself that I get paid to do what I do. 

I'm now on a mission to help others create the same for themselves... a career on their terms. 


So, let me set you off on your journey as a Freedom Finder and open you up to the possibility of rewriting the path of your career forever in this life changing online program.

Whilst this is an online course that you can take at your own pace, I'm with you every step of the way and have designed this program so that you feel supported and empowered with me in your corner. 


  • a new industry

  • a new role

  • a new area of study

  • a new side hustle

  • [insert new amazing thing here]

You may not even know what the new "thing" is that you need right now but you do know one thing, it sure as hell isn’t what you’re currently spending your precious days doing.


Fligh Path

Plan Your Adventure

You've already taken the hardest step, you've made a decision to create more for yourself. So, let's start the process of doing exactly that. 


  • Give yourself permission to want more so that you can stop trying to reason with yourself that “this is as good as it gets, this is how work is meant to feel” and follow the ambition within you to greatness. 

  • Dream up an inspiring, exciting, pinch-your-self vision of what you want to create and claim this loudly and proudly with fellow freedom seekers.

  • Define what freedom looks like to you so that you can ditch feelings of envy from scrolling Instagram and create the life you crave for yourself.

  • Ditch preconceived beliefs like; “don’t leave one job without having something else”, “stay in every role for at least 12 months”, “don’t waste your degree” and “go where the money is” so that you can start following your heart (the very thing that led you here) to move into work that you love.

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Forget everything you know about how your career should look and accept this life changing invitation to pack a new bag (aka create new beliefs) full of alternate possibilities that are reserved for you only.

  • Learn the art and science of mindset so you understand your current reality and how to upgrade this for the life and career you've been dreaming about.

  • Break the repeated frustration of not knowing what you want to do, or how you’re going to do it, by shifting perspectives and opening your mind to your new possibilities.

  • Understand how to focus your efforts on defining that next career step in a way that doesn’t overwhelm or totally exhaust you so you can actually start taking action.

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 2.13.20 pm.png

Baggage Lounge

Airport Security

Yesssss, baggage sorted (don’t you hate that part?!) now, let's move you forward and invite more freedom into your life. 


It’s time to zero in with x-ray vision on exactly what you want in your career so that you have total clarity on how your flight path might look and what the next role or career move could be.  

  • Unpack what you value most and get clear on how you can inject more of this in your career so that can love what you do. 

  • Dive into what is and is not working currently in your career so that you can start dreaming up changes for more freedom and fulfilment in your work life.

  • Conduct a 'things that come easy' audit and gain clarity on your strengths and passions. Then explore how these might be transferred or what changes could create more opportunity for these to be exploited. 


Attention passengers: if you constantly experience worries of not knowing what you want to do, this step in the journey is for you!
You will move you through airport security once and for all.

Screen Shot 2021-06-05 at 2.13.30 pm.png

This Module is not included in this self guided tour - if you decide you would like this at any time contact Lucy or purchase this add-on when you get to Module 4 in the course.


Get crystal clear on the way you work best - what motivates you, how you best work with others, how you communicate, your conflict style - so that you can create the ideal working environment for yourself. 

  • Undertake a really fancy psychometric assessment (DISC Advanced) to confirm or highlight your strengths and opportunities for up level.

  • Learn how to exploit your strengths  and create more of what you love in your work life 

  • Consider what opportunities are available to you right now and take positive action towards the freedom you've been craving. 


The Runway

We Have Lift Off

And… we’re off! It’s time to let others in on your plan, after all, things are made real when we share them. Seemingly tricky conversations can be easy and we’re going to start having them.  


  • Create your tribe of fellow career curators so that you’ve got an ongoing support network you can leverage for career opportunities, personal development and a pep talk when you need it.

  • Unpack what financial freedom means to you and upgrade your beliefs around money to support your wildest dreams.