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Empowering high-achieving women to redefine success
and be their happiest through Confidence + Career Coaching

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Empowering high-achievers to 
redefine success and be their happiest through
Mindset + Leadership Coaching


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Life's short,

live like you mean it

I'm Lucy Allen and I am inspired by the belief that there’s got to be more to life than the daily grind. 

I’m on a mission to open the eyes of people around the world to the possibility of living life on their terms.

I want to empower high-achievers to be confident in dominating the career they were born to have, enjoying the loving home life they deserve and reveling in a relationship with themselves that’s unshakable. 



someone who knows what they want, usually gets it

Are you living for the weekends?

Wishing the week away so that you can enjoy 48 hours of doing what actually makes you happy?

I work with incredible women and men who demand more from life. They crave greater purpose and fulfilment in their work and at home and are prepared to veer off-road to get it.

Now is your time to do the same. To step up, say yes to you and commit to creating a purpose and passion filled career that perfectly marries with your bustling personal life. 

Lucy Allen Purpose and fulfilment in corporate world

vision without action, is delusion

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What can Coaching do?

Coaching is guilt-free ‘you time’ where you can get really clear on what’s working, what’s not so hot and most excitingly, where you want to take your work and home life.


It is an open space to tune out and tune in to what it is you really want, and then find the confidence to create it. 


The Coaching process is pretty simple but damn it has impact!


We start by getting clear on your base line or starting point for both work and home, we then map out the vision of where you want to go, we plan your options on how you’re going to get there and then get sh*t done as an undefeatable pair. 


Think of me as your tour guide. You choose the adventure and I point out all the best sites along the way to make it a trip of a lifetime.

#SuccessSeries : Lecinda Ward

Meet the lawyer-turned-photographer who's living her best work
home life.

"To put it simply, I’m now happier in each and every aspect of my life. Lucy coached me to create more clarity and purpose in my career and more meaning in my relationships. With her by my side, I made massive decisions and changes aligned with what really matters to me. Many of my closest friends, family, and my partner, have noticed how I've changed since working with Lucy and I'm forever grateful for the experience." 


Marketer / Customer Care

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