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How To Overcome 'Imposter Syndrome'

How you ever felt as though you're a fraud?

Like somehow you've fluked your way through your career? Won favour simply by being liked? Or happened to have been in the right place, at the right time, to get to where you are today? 


Thank God I'm not the only one!


These feelings come up time and time again for me in Coaching and role as Business Director for a major PR + Communications agency and it's a common phenomenon known as 'Imposter Syndrome.'

Imposter Syndrome can manifest in many different ways - not feeling smart enough, qualified enough, attractive enough or personable enough to be doing what you do.

But, however it looks, it has the intention of keeping you still and keeping you small.


The good news is that Imposter Syndrome can be managed.

The great news is that Imposter Syndrome can even be used to your advantage. 

You see, I believe that if you're not experiencing Imposter Syndrome, then you may not be pushing yourself to your potential.


I recently heard Australian journalist, TV star and businesswomen, Shelley Horton, share her approach to managing Imposter Syndrome beautifully.

She explained that whilst she regularly has pull herself up on questioning her abilities, talking herself down or comparing herself to others she simply reminds herself that she's 'extra-fraudinary' and gets on with it.


With 70% of the population experiencing Imposter Syndrome, I want more women to take control of these feelings and own what makes them extra-fraudinarily unique (did it work as well when I used it??).


This is why, I'm thrilled to have partnered with She Mentors for an event all about 'How To Overcome Imposter Syndrome.' Tickets are just $11 (absolutely bargain) and they're on sale now.


So bring your big bad self, grab a friend and come meet me for a night of honest conversations, laughs (I'll try my best) and great company.

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