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Enhanced Communication

Enhanced communiction

“Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.”
- Anne Marlow Lindbergh -

Being able to communicate effecitvely is a superpower in the future of work.
In fact, it is the key differentiator between success and failure, progress and procrastination, engagement and disfunction and joy and frustration.

Effective communication is critical in every team and workplace. 
And yet, by nature of the act of communicating being a core human skill, often it is assumed we know how to do it.

Effective communication is a learned art form. 

Outlined below are program examples aimed at optimising communication whether it's face-to-face or remote, 

one-on-one or one-to-many.


Outlined below is a selection of programming designed to optimise your communication, presenting & speaking capabilities. 

Half, full or multi-day

Power hour or

half day session

Power hour or

half day session

Power hour

Public speaking and presentation

Do you want to be an engaging and effective public speaker who can hold the attention of any audience?


Do you want to ditch nerves and anxiety around speaking in front of people so that you can enjoy yourself?


In this masterclass, participants will learn the art of effective storytelling and techniques for planning and presenting in public.

This practical training session will cover the fundamentals of public speaking; preparing for success, building rapport with the audience, landing the message and owning the room.


  • Increased confidence to own their unique presentation style as well as strategies for managing nerves and anxiety

  • Stronger audience connection through understanding the power of presence, the art of building rapport and techniques for commanding the room 

  • Tips for adapting their presentation style and messaging for one-on-one, small group and on "stage"

  • Real-time presentation practice and feedback so that they can land their message with ease and actually enjoy speaking publicly


Public Speaking & Presenting

Half, Full or Multi Day


Lucy's collaborative approach is evident whether she's conducting in-person or online workshops. Despite the intimidating nature of public speaking, Lucy's engaging and motivational sessions have significantly boosted our team's confidence and competence. I highly recommend Luc to anyone looking to improve their public speaking skills in a supportive and effective environment.

Sharon Beck, Performance & Culture Consultant, EXM Consulting

Influential Communications
Image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Are you ready to become a master communicator and unlock the full potential of your team?


In this interactive training session, you will learn the fundamentals of impactful communications so that you can effortlessly engage your team members and key stakeholders to drive performance and fulfilment.


You'll discover the coaching communication model and how to use it for effective feedback conversations, conflict resolution, and motivating, engaging and growing staff.


Finally, we'll unpack the value of a feedback culture and the steps to creating this within the team to support development and enhance decision making.


  • Improved leadership and communication skills

  • Increased confidence in providing feedback, resolving conflicts and handling performance

  • Better understanding of how to motivate and engage staff for optimal performance

  • Enhanced coaching and mentoring skills to support employee growth and development


The Art of Influential Communication 

Power Hour, Half or Full Day


The team were empowered with strategies and techniques for impactful conversations whether presenting to a room, writing an email or picking up the phone.  

Courtney Roberston, Talent Acquisition Director, Leo Burnett

Powerful Persusion
Motivational Speaker


Do you want to step into your power as an expert in your field so that you can confidently hold your own in any conversation, project or room?


Learn how to master the art of persuasion and take your communication skills to the next level!


In this training, leaders will discover how to use powerful language and structure their message for maximum impact.


They'll gain pointers in how to ask the right questions to identify the motivations and objectives of their audience whilst also learning how to overcome objections and build consensus, even in complex and challenging situations.


They'll walk away with the confidence to voice their opinions and sell their ideas and experience with total ease.


  • An understanding of the power of language and art of persuasion

  • Increased confidence in their ability to communicate persuasively


  • Improved skills in asking the right questions to understand  audience motivations and objectives


  • A practical toolkit for message structuring & powerful language


  • Greater confidence and assertiveness to get the best outcomes for Hypetap in every interaction


Powerful Persuasion 

Power Hour, Half or Full Day

Engaging, energetic and helpful!

Lucy created a safe and open space where participants were willing to practice using their voice and body for powerful communication and work through fears that we're getting in their way of being their most confident self. The training delivered a near perfect event score of 9.9 and was the perfect way to kick off face-to-face sessions again in Melbourne.

Melanie Aslanidis, Head of NGEN, Media Federation of Australia

Effective Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution 


Power Hour

Conflict is a natural part of being human and yet we're often not taught how to actually manage it.

In this masterclass participants will learn practical strategies and techniques for resolving conflicts and turning them into positive opportunities for growth and change. 

Participants will gain tips for leaning into uncomfortable situations and tools for effective communication and resolution so that frustration is transformed rather than transmitted. 


  • An appreciation for the opportunity of conflict and how to harness this

  • Strategies for effective communication, active listening and constructive dialogue to resolve conflict

  • Awareness of different conflict resolution models 

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Wanting to keep developing that high performing team or give your people opportunities for professional and personal growth. 

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