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A Connected Team

A connected team

At the heart of every successful team is a deep sense of connection, collaboration and understanding. When team members feel connected, they work together more effectively, communicate more openly
and achieve better results. 
And yet, it's easy to not be intentional with team connection. To simply hope that it either happens organically or that the occasional afterwork drink or annual conference is enough.
It's not.
And, your greatest asset not only demands more, they deserve more.

Outlined below is a selection of programming designed to spark connection, empathy and understanding whilst ultimately fuelling performance. 

Half, full or multi-day

Half or full day

Power hour or

half day session

Team Meeting
Turbocharge The Team

You're only as strong as your team. So, what happens when there's a disconnect within the team?  A crew of individual excellence but no team unity?  Or perhaps a brand new team all together? (In-house, with clients or with partners). 


Team connection can significantly impact engagement, productivity, satisfaction and ultimately outcomes and yet it's not often given proactive thought and support. 


'Turbocharge The Team' is a team experience designed to facilitate improved connection, understanding and ways of working. 

The programming is tailored to your unique team needs but typically draws on positivity psychology, and influential communications to support improved understanding of self and others. 


  • A deeper understanding of individual and team strengths and effective ways of working

  • An agreed 'team charter' with actualised team values and behaviours

  • Tools and tactics to support effective communication 

  • Stronger connection, trust and rapport with key stakeholders

  • A renewed sense of engagement, connection and optimism



Full Day Workshop

Turbocharge The Team 

“Described by the team as ‘thought provoking, engaging and valuable’, Lucy’s training prompted self-reflection on how team members were thinking about their work, capabilities and impact, and how they could upgrade this. Exploring soft skills of personal responsibility, effective communication and empathy & connection, Lucy empowered the team with practical tools and strategies for being their best self in and out of the workplace."

Lucy Gribble, Brand Lead - Brand Strategy & Marketing ANZ

Want to improve your effectiveness within the workplace? 


Strengthen your relationships with managers, peers and stakeholders?


Boost your understanding and influence of others?

Leveraging DISC ADVANCED® - the world's most advanced behavioural assessment system - this coaching program optimises  self-awareness for improved team connection & understanding, adaptability communications and performance.


  • Improved self-awareness and a deeper understanding of their own strengths & watch outs, communication style, workplace motivators and conflict style 

  • An understanding of different individual behavioural styles in the workplace and how to adapt to these for greatest influence and impact

  • Improved communication and connection with peers plus practical strategies for adapting behaviours to contribute to high performing partnerships and teams


Lucy is an accredited DISC ADVANCED® trainer.


Optimising Effectiveness
Post- its on glass

Half or Full Day Program with 1:1 Coaching

Optimising Effectiveness

As the pace ahead of the Caulfield Cup Carnival quickened, Lucy’s Productivity Masterclass was perfectly timed to empower over 50 team members across departments to get the most from their time. The ethos of the session was about working smarter, not harder, and Lucy provided practical tools and strategies to support this. Jam packed with valuable ideas and engaging content for maximising time and efficiency, attendees shared they were still implementing learnings long after the training.

Sue Franklin, General Manager - People & Culture, Melbourne Racing Club 

Image by Helena Lopes
Energy Management for Peak Performance

Power Hour or Half Day 

Are you constantly wishing you had more time to get everything done?


Do you feel like you're always running on empty, struggling to keep up with the demands of work and life?

If so, it's time to shift your focus from time management to energy management. Time may be finite, but your energy is infinite – and learning to manage it effectively is the key to achieving peak performance in all areas of your life.

In this interactive workshop, we'll explore the four dimensions of energy – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – and provide you with practical strategies for renewing each one.


You'll learn how to optimize your workflow to minimize energy drains and maximize productivity, develop wellbeing rituals to support your overall health and wellbeing, and master mindset hacks to overcome limiting beliefs and achieve your full potential.



  • ​A deeper understanding of the four dimensions of energy and how these impact overall wellbeing and performance 

  • Practical bespoke strategies for renewing energy in the four dimensions 

  • Tips for identifying and managing energy drains 

  • The development of a personalised energy management plan to enhance productivity, creativity and resilience 

After a challenging 2020 which saw new team members, remote working, new services and strategy, we engaged Lucy to reconnect, reengage and re-energise the team.


Lucy’s honesty and energy - right from the very start of the session - provided the team with a safe space to come together, share and learn. Lucy empowered us to understand our strengths as individuals and optimise these as a team while also providing valuable insight into the power of the mind. 


The team so valued the opportunity to come together, reflect, celebrate our achievements and build deeper connections as a team.  They left the room feeling unified, energised and empowered with the skills and tools to understand how they can continue to build on their strengths and move forward with confidence.

Georgie Menzies, Acting Head of Fundraising & Engagement, Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria 

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